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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is a degree course that the college offers with any three subjects combination from the available seven options; Hindi, English, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Economics and History. A Bachelor of Arts is expected to understand the world around him/her (both new and old) and be able to comprehend with the society and governments in a meaningful way. A students having undergone the bachelors degree course in Arts, is eligible for various government and non government jobs. The degree enables him/her to be eligible for the Indian Administrative Services besides other services. However those who intend to pursue higher academics may apply for a master’s course in any one of their chosen subjects, after the bachelor’s degree.

Subject offered in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

In faculty of Language

• Hindi-
• English-

In faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science

• Economics
• Geography
• History
• Political Science
• Sociology